Chapter 4, Page 2 + Explanation


I apologize for this page being so sloppy. On Monday my laptop (the third one this year…) totally crashed. Sick of being victim to technology, however, I downloaded a free art program onto my backup computer. The problem is that this free program does not possess all the features of my usual program, and also the screen on this laptop is only 9X6 inches. It is not ideal for high-quality art. Coupling that with having just lost my job, high-quality pages might be a while in coming.

As for the tardiness, I suffered a sudden and horrible loss on Wednesday night. My 15-year-old cat Starz has a heart attack and died in the middle of playing with her favorite toy. It’s been very hard on me, and will continue to be. Here’s a photo of her from earlier this year, my beautiful baby.



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