My health problems are finally being brought under control so I have resumed drawing pages.

And more great news! I have a job! I start on Monday. It is full time so make sure that the comic updates weekly once it resumes, I will be drawing a few pages to backlog.

I may have to change my methods to allow me to work on pages during my breaks, but hopefully that will only improve the quality.

Thank you all for sticking with me!

Chapter 5: End of Chapter and Book


Wow! It’s┬áso exciting to have come this far! It’s a little behind schedule due to certain technical delays last year, but Rose With Thorns has finally concluded what I consider to be the first “Book” of the story.

Book Two will involve some update designs, hopefully higher quality pages, and hopefully a riveting story that you all enjoy.

I plan to take a week off now, to let me get ahead with pages and also to do some plotting and design tweaking.

Thank you everyone who’s been reading!

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