It’s Over

I actually tried to make this post about a month ago but WordPress wouldn’t let me post it for some reason.

In short, I decided to put a stop to this project. It stopped being fun, my full time job meant that I had little time to draw for myself, and honestly the entire thing was affecting my art style in a negative way. My drawings became stiff and the quality tanked noticeably.

Stopping this project was the healthiest thing for me and my art. I now have more room to breathe and enjoy drawing again.

Maybe eventually I’ll try a webcomic again, but it won’t be for a long, long time.


Chapter Break: Rose’s New Toy


As I’ve done before, I’m taking a break between chapters to do some planning and drawing and trying to be at least one page ahead.

In the past I’ve done a character profile during the break, but this time I went with a break-down of Rose’s weapon. This isn’t quite how it looked in the recent page that introduced it, but I was still designing it at the time.

Also I thought it’d be fun to show one of my paper sketches.

See you all soon!